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  • Acer eNet Management Setting General
  • Acer eNet Profile Manager
  • Acer eNet Management Profile Manager New
  • Acer eNet Management Network Advisor
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provash neogy Senior editor

Acer eNet Management:
Acer eNet Management utility provides THREE Icons at the bottom of the Acer eNet Management Window screen namely 1) Main 2) Profile Manager & 3) Settings to access the different functions of Acer eNet Management.

Details provided under Main: The Acer eNet Management main page shows the current connection status, as well as a list of the available profiles available in the location and switches automatically to the appropriate profile.
The other Options are for VPN settings, Network Advisor and Diagnostic Tools. The Network Adviser provides Computer details, Wireless Adapter, Wireless AP, Wired Adapter, Firewall and Diagnostic Tools for IP configuration, Trace Routing Table, Ping Remote Host. The WLAN Connection Status, Wi-Fi in Range, Wi-Fi Network (s) available, Connection Speed and LAN status are on this page.
If connected to a network the ‘Save button’ saves the settings to a profile.

Details provided under Profile Manager:
There are four tabs namely Edit (Auto), New (Profile), Import and Export. The Auto configuration is done form the Settings Icon. The New Profile Wizard has various profile management buttons that allow creation of a new profile, edit a profile, delete a profile, apply a profile, or import or export a profile The Import and Export are for existing Profiles. Different profiles for connecting to a network from a variety of locations, via wired or wireless connections can be set up. There are a number of screens to follow.

Details provided under Settings:
The Settings page is separated into two pages, as follows: General & Network
1. Launch Acer eNet Management automatically when starting windows (Check to run automatically when booting up)
2. Switch Networks automatically (connects to different networks automatically)
3. Allow Acer eNet Management to connect automatically to an open wireless net work. (Open networks entail risks. Be careful before enabling this option)
4. View Computer details, Wireless Adapter, Wireless AP, Wired Adapter, Firewall settings (Displays detailed information about the current network, including computer name, default printer, Access Points (APs), PPPoE, and WLAN and LAN connections)
There are three buttons on this page namely:
(1) VPN, (2) Wireless card settings (WLAN) ( 3) Wired card settings (LAN)
To configure a VPN, set the "Apply VPN Settings" option. After the VPN is configured, Acer eNet Management will dial up the VPN connection or launch the external dialing program when the "VPN" button in the Main page is clicked.
Wireless/Wired network (WLAN/LAN)
Clicking on the "Settings" button will display the wireless/wired adapter's setting dialog. This dialog is the same one as the "Device manager" provided by Windows Vista™.
System tray
Minimizing or closing Acer eNet Management's main program window will not terminate the program. Instead, it remains open and can be accessed from the system tray.


  • Acer eNet Management offers a simple-to-use tool to manage wired and wireless network connections.
  • Acer eNet Management offers immediate information on WLAN and LAN availability and Computer details.
  • There various profile management buttons allow creation of a new profile, edit a profile, delete a profile, apply a profile, or import or export a profile.


  • Nothing specially observed.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.
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    Guest Last year

    How can I delete eNet Management?

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    Guest 5 years ago

    The best software I've used to inventory and update programs on my computers!!

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    veeresh 5 years ago

    its so nice browser............

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